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  • How do Your Attorneys Measure Up?

    Today, whether we are clients, patients or customers, we want value and quality when we buy services and products.  You should expect no less from your advisors.  Along with these expectations, however, exists an obligation on the part of the client to effectively communicate with counsel, establish realistic goals at the outset of engagements and cooperate fully.  Most of the more progressive law firms are highly receptive to this process of understanding and efficiently accommodating client requests and needs because they subscribe to “total quality management” programs similar to those utilized by many businesses.  Most such firms have specialists assigned to certain areas of the law and clients now utilize a variety of firms to perform their legal work based upon the nature of the engagement.

    Here are some of the major things you should expect and demand:

    • High ethical standards
    • A sound legal reputation in your business community and industry
    • Competence, experience and specialization in the area of the law to be addressed
    • A commitment to take all reasonable efforts to zealously represent your best interests
    • Accessibility of counsel and the firm's staff at all reasonable times
    • Confidentiality and written information security protections
    • Knowledge of your industry and your business
    • Understanding of your needs, expectations and cost considerations
    • Practical solutions to complex problems
    • A willingness to explore settlement when the circumstances demand it
    • Clear, concise and timely written communications
    • Prompt return of telephone calls, faxes and e-mails
    • Good listening techniques
    • A receptiveness to adopting your concepts and wishes if the legal principles will permit it
    • Conferences at your facility and other locations for your convenience
    • Sophisticated and knowledgeable office support staff with whom you can effectively interact
    • Law firm operations which are conducted in a cost efficient manner
    • Periodic news bulletins and seminars to keep you up to date on current developments
    • Engagement letters explaining the terms of representation and anticipated expenses
    • Fair pricing for services rendered based upon complexities of the matter, the skill and experience required and the response times established
    • Itemized fee statements presented timely showing hours worked and expenses incurred
    • Willingness to consider alternative billing methods such as flat rate project cost
    • State of art computer, communications and information systems
    • File information retention at no expense to you for a period of no less than 6 years

    Expect no less from your advisors and be willing to convey your expectations candidly.  How do your advisors measure up?

    OSBA Board Certified Labor & Employment Law Specialist
    A Legal Professional Association