Great Lakes Trenchless News

  • OSHA "Hot" Over Heat Stress

    OSHA is now focusing on heat related illnesses in the workplace even though it has no Standard which specifically addresses working in a hot environment. It is aggressively pursuing employers and, in a Washington memo to OSHA’s Regional Administrators, it stated that “this memo directs the Field to expedite heat-related inspections and to issue Citations … as soon as possible.”...

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  • Medical Marijuana is Here - Now What?

    Ohio has just become the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana and, most importantly, this probably ends any ballot initiative to amend Ohio's Constitution this Fall to allow recreational marijuana – just what the Statehouse hoped. Governor Kasich signed the legislation on June 8 and it becomes effective in early September, but various state agencies...

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  • How do Your Attorneys Measure Up?

    Today, whether we are clients, patients or customers, we want value and quality when we buy services and products. You should expect no less from your advisors. Along with these expectations, however, exists an obligation on the part of the client to effectively communicate with counsel, establish realistic goals at the outset of engagements and cooperate fully...

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