What Types Of Fees Do You Pay When Trading On Quotex?

Getting into the finetuned rhythm of online financial trading is an enticing notion for many. Quotex, being a popular trading platform, has caught the interest of novices and experienced traders alike. However, one critical aspect to consider is the types of fees involved on such platforms. This article seeks to clarify what kinds of Quotex fees one might encounter.


The ‘spread’ is a term in trading that refers to the difference between the buying price (ask) and the selling price (bid) of an asset. On Quotex, as with many trading platforms, spreads are a source of costs for traders. However, the exact spread may vary depending on market conditions and the chosen asset.

Commission Fees

Quotex, like many online trading platforms, takes commission fees on trades executed through its platform. It’s worth noting that these commissions can vary based on the way trades are positioned and other factors.

Inactivity Fees

One potential pitfall that any trader should be aware of is the inactivity fee. If a trading account at Quotex remains dormant for a long time (usually 90 days), it is subject to this fee. Inactivity fees can take a toll on the account balance, especially for those who trade infrequently.

Withdrawal Fees

When profits are ripe for the taking, traders would want to withdraw their funds. However, Quotex does charge a fee for withdrawals. Although the first withdrawal of the month is usually free, subsequent ones might incur a charge. It’s important to check the current fees in the policy.

Overnight Fees

For trades that remain open overnight, there might be additional costs known as ‘overnight’ or ‘swap’ fees. Traders should be aware of these, especially when planning on holding positions for an extended period.

Currency Conversion Fees

Lastly, Quotex may also charge a small currency conversion fee for deposits, withdrawals, or trades involving different currencies. These fees can add up over time, particularly for those who trade frequently.

Mitigating Fee Impact: Smart Trading

While it may seem like there are a lot of fees involved in trading on Quotex, with targeted strategies, traders can lessen their impact. Keeping trading activity consistent can help avoid inactivity fees, while careful planning of withdrawals can reduce withdrawal fees.

A Mindful Quotex Approach

Even the most successful trades can lose their shine when trading costs consume much of the profits. Therefore, deducing the different types of Quotex fees and understanding how they apply is an absolute must. Being mindful of the fee structure can play a crucial role in ensuring a positive trading experience. Remember, in the intricate dance of financial trading, every step, every timing, every motion counts.