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John F. Hendershot, President

Horizontal directional drilling commonly referred to as HDD is a non-invasive trenchless technology. HDD allows the placement of underground utilities in limited-access, developed or restricted areas. Such areas include highways, freeways, parking lots, landscaped areas, streams and rivers or ravines. Because the method is non-invasive, restoration in these situations is greatly reduced, if not eliminated. This contributes to an environmentally safe project and can lead to project savings and enhanced public acceptance.

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Speaker of the House Says Prevailing Wage Repeal Is Off The Table

Repealing prevailing wage in Michigan has been a top priority for several legislative Republicans this year and in years past. The Michigan Senate passed a repeal of the prevailing wage laws a little over a year ago, but the measure hasn’t been taken up in the House.

Training the Next Generation of HDD Operators

When working underground, training is paramount, unfortunately the industry is facing a shortage of qualified operators who can do the work. Ask HDD contractors, they will tell you there is not a shortage of work in North America, but there is a shortage of operators to do the work. This hampers a company’s ability to add additional crews and in turn purchase new equipment.